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ZignSec Group stands for innovative RegTech solutions. No matter if KYC, KYB, or scalable automation - our companies are united in one mission: Take the sting out of regulation and compliance, so you can succeed.

Clients who build the future of RegTech with us

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Our expertise

Building trust with global KYC

With ZignSec, the group has access to a selection of the best KYC and AML compliance tools on the market, all aggregated in one easy to connect to API and user interface.

Deep investigation tools for KYB

Web Shield has over a decade of experience in building tools to support open-source online investigations of companies. It's the ideal basis for advanced KYB applications like high-risk merchant onboarding.

Automation, built for humans

Wyzer's know-how in automation and large-scale platform development enables workflow solutions across the group to improve compliance processes and business procedures.

Invest in the future of RegTech

There are great things on the horizon for the ZignSec Group - be along for the ride.

Frequently asked questions

You ask, we answer.

What is the ZignSec Group?

ZignSec Group is a leading provider of compliance solutions for the digital economy. We assist businesses to efficiently comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) regulations by providing solutions that enhance security, manage risk, and establish trust.

The ZignSec Group consists of ZignSec, Web Shield, and Wyzer.

How do the companies in the ZignSec Group work together?

While ZignSec, Web Shield, and Wyzer are separate entities with their own markets, they are all coordinated by one group management team. A cross-company product team ensure synergies are explored and realised to ensure that In the long term, all companies in the ZignSec Group benefit from the technology and expertise of each other.

Where can I find financial information about the ZignSec Group?

As a stock-listed company, we publish all relevant information for investors publicly, including financial records. You can find them on our Investor relations page.

Where can I find other additional information about the ZignSec Group?

You can always check out the press release section on the Investor relations page for information about important developments that impact the Group. We also have a Newsroom with more information about the direction of the project.


Latest articles

News from across the ZignSec Group.

August 28, 2023

ZignSec Group undergoes organisational changes while venturing into fresh markets 

The achievements of Wyzer, Web Shield, and ZignSec in mid-2023, showcasing international partnerships, personnel changes, global expansion into new markets, and participation in conferences, all driven by a unified vision for future growth.
ZignSec företrädesemission
June 26, 2023

ZignSec ska öka expansionstakten på snabbväxande RegTech-marknad

ZignSec, ett svenskt RegTech-bolag, planerar att expandera sin globala plattform för digital verifiering och kundkännedom. Genom en företrädesemission på 26,2 miljoner SEK siktar de på lönsam tillväxt och möta ökad efterfrågan.
May 31, 2023

ZignSec Group welcomes New CEO, and outlines future growth plans

ZignSec Group, comprising ZignSec, Wyzer, and Web Shield, is excited to announce the appointment of Glenn Mac Donald as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).