KYC and AML compliance aggregator

Everything you need to verify your customers

By using ZignSec's API or Portal, users eliminate the need for multiple KYC and AML compliance solution providers. Clients can streamline their processes with the help of solutions ranging from state-of-the-art biometric verification software and document scanning to registry data and document authentication.

Integrate and see results

Integrate our products directly with one easy-to-use API and check your results in the convenient customer portal.

One workflow for all

Our universal workflow engine helps us to deliver you exactly the combined solution you need for your use case.

A woman doing a biometric face check with her mobile phone

Biometric check

Use facial recognition and other biometric markers to verify a person's identity or enable clients to set up two-factor authentication via selfie.

Electronic ID & eSigning

Take advantage of official eID programs around the globe to reliably authenticate clients.

Identity document validation

Advanced OCR reads out all data and flags inconsistencies like documents that are past their expiration date.

Identity document authentication

Discover fraud our eyes cannot see on ID documents, loan applications, and more. Onboard real customers instead of fake identities while keeping the process frictionless.

Identity data verification

Quickly and securely verify identity data to ensure smooth customer onboarding and increase your match rates.

PEP, sanctions & adverse media checks

Identify politically exposed persons, sanctioned individuals, and negative news stories to achieve AML compliance.

KYC and AML compliance, streamlined

Learn how ZignSec helps clients deliver a stellar customer onboarding experience to their users and grow their business with compliance in mind.