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March 16, 2023

What it means to be a certified MitID broker

The ZignSec Group invested early in becoming a MitID broker. ZignSec, as its certified entity backed by the group's strategic added values, constitutes an attractive MitID offering.
ID verification in action
March 1, 2023

ZignSec's SaaS solution for a stellar online ID verification process is now even better

ZignSec has upgraded its SaaS offering for a complete remote identity verification process. Find out more regarding the latest update.
February 24, 2023

A February overview of what is happening within the ZignSec Group

Inside ZignSec Group: A February recap of the latest developments and achievements.
the ZignSec Group logo in front of a high-rise building
February 21, 2023

ZignSec Group launches their new blog

This is the ZignSec Group blog where you will find all important news and developments.

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