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ZignSec Group undergoes organisational changes while venturing into fresh markets 

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August 28, 2023

As we stand on the threshold of mid-2023, it's only fitting to pause and reflect on the significant strides we've made as an organisation.  

Old and new contracts and operational enhancements 

There are plenty of reasons for optimism when it comes to new deals and strategic partnerships this quarter. Notably, Web Shield has entered into a multi-year agreement with a large Dutch payment company and a globally operating cross-border payment transfer company. Meanwhile, they have maintained a great relationship and continued contracts with a major Middle Eastern national bank as well as a major Ukrainian bank. 

ZignSec has transitioned to a new ID scan partner, resulting in an enhanced user experience and higher transaction volumes. They also helped a major client with their expansion into South America, adding tens of thousands of additional monthly transactions and elevating monthly revenue. 

Navigating change with internal expertise 

The ZignSec group, harnessing its pool of talented individuals, has made a strategic change of personnel this summer. Through the restructuring of certain positions within the company, we have unlocked the potential to cultivate future growth and elevate productivity. 

Andreas Stedry is the new face at the helm as Managing Director of Web Shield GmbH and Director of Operations. With almost eight years with Web Shield and over a decade in the merchant due diligence industry, Andreas also has a natural flair for leadership. He has already worked in this position and is part of some exciting projects. Andreas is also a well-known person in the industry as he leads the Web Shield Academy. 

In parallel, Franz Reinhöfer has taken the mantle as Head of Underwriting. Franz has spent a decade working at Web Shield. He is well-known in the industry for hosting the Web Shield Academy with Andreas participating in conferences, training, and consulting. 

Markus Prause is our new Director of R&D (Business). With extensive experience in the Payments sector and over ten years with Web Shiel, he's perfect for the role. Joining with him is Davide Covato our Director of R&D (Technology), an enthusiast of cutting-edge tech. Together, they're geared to tackling intricate data and automation challenges, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Davide has an impressive two decades of experience designing and developing software solutions that serve the business more than one way.  

We are also delighted to announce Anna Kurkiewicz as the new Operations Manager for our Warsaw team, and Jakub Wolak as the Director of Development (KYB) for the ZignSec Group. It's exciting to see familiar faces stepping into new roles and pushing the company as a whole forward. 

Venturing into new territories 

The shifting global landscape has nudged us to explore new opportunities, partly prompted by recent geopolitical developments. Amidst this backdrop, Africa has proven to be a promising growth market. Our focus, mainly through Web Shield, has led to a growing client base throughout the continent, in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Congo. It's a testament to the expanding global brand appeal of Web Shield in the payments industry. 

In parallel, ZignSec is advancing its endeavours in India, facilitated by the IFSCA. We are establishing connections with several banks, with more introductions anticipated in Q4.   

For context, the IFSCA, an agency initiated by the Indian government, aims to bridge Indian enterprises with their global counterparts, emphasizing India's economic augmentation, especially in the financial services sector. To streamline the integration process for global entities like ZignSec, India introduced GIFT City.  

This unique economic zone is structured to permit global firms to collaborate with Indian businesses and merchants without the typical regulatory requirement of registering as a company within India.  

ZignSec’s has expanded its footprint in South America. This market is fast-growing, and we're proud to have been a part of that journey. We're here to assist more clients as they explore new countries, making sure they follow essential rules like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). It's all about building trust and integrity wherever they go. 

Expanding through conferences 

With plenty of opportunities still to be found through conferences, the group has some important events on the calendar. One of Web Shield’s most important conferences, RiskX by Mastercard, is coming up in October. Conferences have proved extremely fruitful this year and to finish the year on a high, we have prepared some exciting projects to coincide.  

In November, ZignSec will be participating in SiGMA, one of the largest iGaming conferences. This event offers the opportunity to connect with both existing and potential new customers. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the official launch of this valuable resource. 

A unified vision for the road ahead 

As a result of recent changes, Wyzer, Web Shield and ZignSec now stand together with an aligned vision and purpose. Our CEO, Glenn Mac Donald, comments:

“Numerous exciting opportunities are on the horizon, particularly with emerging markets such as Africa and India. Our recent personnel changes acknowledge individuals who have contributed significantly to the business's success and are poised to contribute even more in the future.” 

Invest in the future of RegTech

There are great things on the horizon for the ZignSec Group - be along for the ride.